Admission of clients with a mental health disorder or substance use disorder can be overwhelming for guardians and care takers.

We strive to make the admission process comfortable and reassuring for everyone and cater to the minutest needs during this time.Our focus remains appropriate counselling to guardians/care takers and clients.

Criterion for admission

  • Patients' should be brought to the hospital by a legal guardian.
  • Guardians should bring a referral letter or advice for admission from a psychiatrist.
  • For re-admissions, referral letter may not always be necessary.Please contact our reception desk for details.
  • An advance deposit has to be made on admission.
  • Guardians or relatives are not allowed to stay with the patient.

What to give with a patient to be admitted

Three sets of garment, a pair of sandals, tooth brush , tooth paste, a comb, towel, body soap, laundry soap, body lotion (during winter period) and sanitary napkins for females.
N.B. If under a certain circumstance a patient needs an extra garment or other daily use commodity that cannot be provided by the guardians’, the management of Monon will purchase such items/commodity and add to the patients’ bill.

What a patient should not have at the clinic

  • Mobile phones
  • Electrical appliances
  • Any valuable items

The hospital management does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any such items.

On Admission

  • Assigned personnel in the hospital examine all accessories/items accompanying a patient for potentially dangerous objects, illicit drugs and medications in the presence of the legal guardians.
  • Food and medication is supplied from the hospital.
  • Extra food requirements of patients’ (other than that provided by the hospital) are provided from the hospital with prior approval from the guardians.
  • The hospital management follows all instructions given by consultants for the betterment of respective patients’ and thus guardians are requested to abide by all such instructions.
  • Guardians are request to regularly update payments to sustain a continuous medical and logistic support from our team.


  • We do not accept cheques.
  • For all available services at Monon, we accept cash on site, cash sent to our Bikash number: 01711243820 or pay orders made payable to Monon Psychiatric Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Advance deposit is mandatory at the time of admission.
  • Further deposits should be made as required depending on clients’ needs.
  • Clients’ leaving the clinic temporarily on a pa-role have to clear all bills before leaving in order to keep a seat reservation.
  • For information on respective service charges, please call us at 88 02 9114550; 01711 243820.

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