Established in 1997, Monon is a pioneer in delivering metal health care services in the private sector and has earned a reputation for its high standards of service delivery and client satisfaction. We offer an unparalleled variety of services for mental and psychological health and substance abuse tailored to individual needs. With our comprehensive team of experts in mental and psychological problems, we endeavor to provide ever increasing quality services in a compassionate manner and with reasonable prices and are willing to accept the most challenging cases to provide the best care possible. Our services are designed to encourage the least restrictive level of care that is clinically appropriate for individual patients. Our comprehensive approach in treatment plans and coordination with patient families helps to ensure a smooth transition among different levels of care, encouraging re-integration into community-based life.

Our Servicers

Emergency Psychiatric Service (EPS)

We provide 24-hour emergency psychiatric service (EPS) to hospitalize unmanageable,

Day Hospital

We provide day long care to both male and female clients with a mental illness/disability or substance use disorder who do not require full time.

Out-Patient Services

We provide a comprehensive out patient service to accommodate a range of mental health needs. Our out-patient services are as follows

Inpatient Services

Our inpatient services are organized and managed by a comprehensive medical team. Our medical team comprise of Psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist nurse, trained health care assistants

Home Based Care Services

Home health aides can help the patient with his or her basic personal needs such as getting out of bed, walking, bathing, dressing, assisting with bed pan and personal hygiene maintenance.Some aides have received

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Emergency Psychiatric Service (EPS)

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